Roman Vs U.S. Ideas

Roman right

The men's rights

• the men have the right to vote

• they have right to hold offices and civil and government

• they can go to court

• they can own property

Men and women rights

• The male citizens enjoy there rights

• the women had way different rights

•the slaves were property so they have almost no rights

•freedom were former slaves with limited rightsand they haves to be fouced

•they are focused on marriage

•and inheritence when family gets a member dies

•Contracts between people

•Laws were written

•natural laws giving every citizen rights

•Connected to life liberty and pursuit of happiness

•Where do we see that in the United States ?

•judges made court decisions from trails and evidence

•fines pay money


•Banishment have to leave Rome


•Execution if guilty of treason

•Patricide killing you father owns a punished by being drowned in a river

•Slaves were beaten harder work or offten crucified