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Week of April 18 | 2015-2016 School Edition

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{ Room 121 Official Box Tops Tally | 1,900 Box Tops }

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From the Desk of Mr. Froning

KINDERGARTEN HOMEWORK | Homework will be coming home on Monday - I didn't realize I had left the stack next to the copier until dismissal time! The due date says April 22, but I will accept homework until Monday the 25! Sorry about that!

GATOR GALLOP | Pledgebooks went home on Friday for our Gator Gallop - a new fundraiser to help South Creek's PTO! Students will be running 30-35 laps and are encouraged to collect pledges from family and friends! The Gator Gallop will take place on April 29th here at South Creek.

BOX TOPS | It's never too early to send in your Box Tops for Education! Our school receives 10 cents for every Box awesome! Be sure to double check the expiration date before sending them to school.

Calendar of Events

Monday, April 25

Kindergarten Homework

Homework sheet due today!

This Week in Math...

1. Read 2-digit numbers and represent them with manipulatives

2. Put nonconsecutive numbers in ascending or descending order

3. Apply patterning rules to create and extend patterns

4. Compare numbers

5. Chomputation Tuesdays!

This Week in Reading...

Letter of the Week: Long Ii (as in ice)

Vocabulary Words: citizen, respect, tidy

High Frequency Word: has, play

Literature Big Book: Hen Hears Gossip (Fantasy)

Specials Schedule...

Monday | Art

Tuesday | Gym

Wednesday | A/G/L/M Rotations

Thursday | Library

Friday | Music

Adventures with Goldie...

Check back next weekend to see Goldie's latest adventure!