Personalized Learning Update

LGHS and Cohort 16

Principal and Project Manager Meeting

Mrs. Gugino and Mrs. Collie attended a Cohort 16 meeting Friday, May 1, after school. At that meeting, district personnel provided the requirements for school visits and the framework for the June 4-5 district presentations. The Working Team will be spending the next couple of weeks refining our LGHS vision. Please consider contributing your ideas about personalized learning at Everyone's input is a valuable component in the process.

Portfolio Exhibition

Two of the Working Team members had the opportunity to visit the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School ( on May 5th. This middle school has a primary attendance zone and additional slots are filled by a lottery system. 2 out of 3 of their classes are co-taught, and they have 1 resource teacher. The school has a strong advisory program, so all students have a support system. The faculty and staff work hard to build a "school family."

On this day, 8th grade students presented their portfolios to their peers, their parents, and a panel of evaluators. Their performance task was to present their work and explain why they were ready for promotion to 9th grade. Each student shared 4 or 5 artifacts. The students could choose work from Math-Science-Technology (MST), Humanities, or an elective. They explained their high school preparation in terms of the school's Guiding Principles. They are listed below.

  • We come to school and every class prepared to learn and do our best.
  • We respect each other, our surroundings, and ourselves.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and learning.
  • We work to resolve conflicts in a peaceful, thoughtful, meaningful way.
  • We celebrate our individual and collective successes.

At the conclusion of 3 presentations, the panel deliberated and met with the presenters individually to share the results; the ratings include Just Beginning, Approaching, Meeting, or Exceeding Standards. Of primary importance, the students are required to reflect on their learning, admit to their challenges and then create goals to overcome those challenges.

See Mrs. Bowen if you want to learn more about this school!

Also, check out the video below. The young lady featured is defending her preparation for college. It would be great to see LGHS students accept ownership for their learning in this manner.

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