a new show by Louise Orwin

Camden People's Theatre, London

23rd Oct - 9th Nov, 7.30pm*

*(shows on 30th Oct and 5th Nov at 9pm)

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This show is about you rating me based solely on my looks...

It is also about a recent worldwide trend of teenage girls posting videos on YouTube asking viewers to rate their looks. Pretty Ugly follows my trail of research into how Generation YouTube uses the ever widening field of social networking to reach others. There is a live YouTube experiment, a tender and inappropriate love story, and some of my childhood toys. It is about our obsessions, and pretensions, and teenage girls- but don't let that put you off. It is about you and me and the internet.

Pretty Ugly Press

"A fascinating performative research piece that explored Generation YouTube and the growing trend of teenage girls asking the faceless internet population to judge their appearance" BOZOZONE Mag

"Orwin is an immediately engaging performer (...) looks like it will be a fascinating show in full" QX Magazine

'This show resonated pretty deeply with me. I think it would with anyone who has ever been a teenage girl, or had known a teenage girl, or has seen the media's opinion of teenage girls, or had been on the internet.' Cambridge Tab

'an electrifying and urgent theatre event' Brian Logan, artistic director of CPT

Tickets and more info here

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