it is a dense that is present in most eukaryotic cells
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A vacuole is a membrane bound organelle which is present in the plant and fungal cells
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This is mostly found in eukaryotic cells and it makes up plant and animal fungi and this gives off energy that all cells need
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This is submitted in the plant and algal cells the main goal is to conduct photosynthesis
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Cell wall

the cell wall is a rigid layer of polysaccharides lying outside of the plasma
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Cell membrane

the cell membrane is also known as the plasma membrane or either the cytoplasmic membrane and it separates the interior of all the cells
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This is the gel like substance inclosed within the cell membrane and bacteria is contained with cytoplasm
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This is a singled cell organism that it lacks a membrane bound nucleus
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The eukaryotic is any organism whose cells contain a nucleus
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Cell theory

The three parts of a cell theory are they are all composed from one cell this is a basic structure of an organism and all cells also come from pre existing cells

cell tissue organs

a tissue is something that holds another thing very close to another and it works hard to do the same jobs and also when a cell finds multiple cells they work together and forms tissue than the groups together works together and performs and organ
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