Following Blindly

By: Jacob Lane, Logan Cobb, Wyatt Rohmer

How the people are effected from following Napoleon blindly

In animal farm the animals are betrayed from following their leader Napoleon. He first talks about he will make their lives better after they kick out Mr Jones but when this happens Napoleon just ends up becoming what the animals hated. The animals also do not have a choice because if they do not follow Napoleon then he will kill them with his guard dogs.
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How the people are effected from following Kim Jong Un blindly

Kim Jong Un is a very manipulative leader who clouds the minds of his nation. In doing so he makes his citizens believe that what he says is for the best of the nation. While he lies to everyone people are starving and dying in North Korea.
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In order to help people in these types of situation we need to remove the power. If we can eliminate these types of leaders we can fix and make the entire system better. For North Korea we can show the people how blindly the are following Kim Jong Un. This would save countless lives from starvation and fix the problem of following blindly.