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This is where most teachers start. Maybe you want to show a brief clip about adaptations to your fourth grade class to introduce a lesson based on the following Essential Question:

How do adaptations help living organisms survive?

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There are so many more options for limiting results when using the Advanced Search feature...

Some Other Neat Features Include:

More Tools for Teachers

Curriculum Resources

The picture above shows some resources available to teachers. Most useful are the Lesson Plan Library, which contains lesson plans to go along with videos; Discovery Atlas interactive Map, which is awesome for social studies; and Meet the Faces of Discovery Education, where kids can watch some of their favorite TV show personalities explain various educational topics.

Check on the "On This Day" on the right hand side...

Every day a new historical event that corresponds with that day's date is located on this screen. Reading and watching short clips about each even is a fun way for students to start the school day, and quick way to incorporate some cross-curricular tie-ins. The neatest feature of "On This Day" is that you can use the drop down menu to find events for all subjects - science, math, language arts, social studies, health and guidance, biography, and arts and humanities.

Kim Johnston, FCS teacher at Conewago Valley High School shares the Health and Guidance On This Day with her high school students every day during homeroom and the Language Arts version to her daily literacy groups. "On This Day is a great activating strategy. My students are excited to walk into my room each day and see this screen up on the board. It has really gotten them into history, and exposed them to some people and events they never would have heard about" (Johnston, 2012).

So What Now?

Now you should head to Discovery Education and start exploring!

Not only are thousands of videos available at your fingertips, there are also hundreds of interactive resources (games, study tools, etc.), many lesson plans, and tons of ideas for incorporating technology into your classroom.

Johnston, Kimberly. Personal interview. 9 Nov. 2012.