Drugs Give No Life Refunds

HALLUCINOGENS-it's not you so why do it?

  • it's not the DRUG that puts you in danger, it's what you DO while you're on the drug
  • can cause you to VISUALIZE and HEAR things that do not really exist
  • puts your LIFE in danger
  • includes: PCP, LSD, and "shrooms"

Learn from what happened to her...

She was on PCP which caused her to visualize something that wasn't really there-bugs under her skin. She scratched and scratched trying to get them out. Unfortunately, she scratched all the way down to her muscles and veins because when you are on PCP you also have no common sense, everything you do is 100% the drugs side effects.

INHALANTS-use them for their purpose and you'll be fine...

  • misused household products that can KILL include: cleaning supplies, glues, gasoline, cooking sprays, etc.
  • can cause slurred speech, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, loss of consciousness, brain damage, and even DEATH
  • there are about 1,400 products that can be dangerous when inhaled

I bet he wished he did'nt do it...

His dad felt the need to clean his keyboard because it was covered in dust so he went out and bought the typical keyboard cleaner. The next day when his dad went to clean his keyboard the cleaner bottle was empty. The wife hadn't cleaned it, but the son claimed he did. The next day the same thing happened but afterwords, the son was found in his room, dead, with the cleaner right by his side.