Miss Strobach's

Reading Beyond the Primary Grades Newsletter for Parents

Goals for Literacy Beyond the Primary Grades

Our goal is for students to understand and use the written language and be a value to the students for their futures. We also want students to be able to understanding the meaning from a variety of texts and read to learn for everyday life and to enjoy reading!

What I Will Work on in the Classroom for your Learners!

  • Always give students a purpose for reading the text
  • Giving more helpful strategies for comprehension
  • Apply a wide range of genres throughout the year for us to read
  • Understand the structures of different genres
  • Focus on vocabulary and fluency with students
  • Exchange responses to understand each student's intake and interest in the different texts
  • Promote Visual Learning
  • Challenge the students and provide support whenever it is needed!

What you Can Do at Home to Promote your LifeLong Learners!

  • Get involved as much as you can
  • Ask your learners their opinions on the text and what they are learning
  • Read with your students, and don't be afraid to read what interest them!
  • Have students draw a picture of what they read/ favorite part