Project Kite

Alivia Thompson

My Kite Blueprint

To create my box kite I had to do a blueprint. On the blue print I designed my Kite. I did the mesurements and the designs. To creat the kite I have to have the folllowing. Materials:

  • 2 pillow case
  • Streamers
  • Ribbon
  • Sticks
  • Trash bag
  • String
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Sharpies
  • Tape
  • Scissor

Surface area of a Box Kite

First you have to break down your shape. I would break mine down into 5 different shapes. 2 would be large rectangles. also, 2 would be meduim rectangles. Then last one would be a small rectangle.Look at the picture to know how to do the surface area. tHE sURFACE AREA OF MY 3D kite is 1,716 inches square.

How to make a box kite

To make the non- traditional box kite I am making you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Make a frame of your shape
  2. Tape 1 foot of stick on each cornner of the kite
  3. Then you tape them on so it would stay
  4. Next you put a stick on the side of your frame in the middle
  5. Then put your cloth on * make sure the cloth is the same size*
  6. Next you put the string on 4 edges of your kite * make sure you have an opening like one of the pictures so it would catch the windx and fly*
  7. Rap the string on the popicle stick and you would have your kite

Photos Of What I Have Done Whith My Kite

Box Kite are Fun, Pretty and different

Why pick the materiel and the shape

I have picked 2 pillow cases because the materiel is light and when you have a whole sheet it is stronger than little baby sheets.I had desided on making the shape a square becasuethe pillow case is already a square and once again if it is whole it is more sturdy.

History of a Box Kite

A box Kite was invented by Lawrence Hargrave. He made the traditional box kite which is 2 long straight spars going the full length of the kite. The box kite is more square than rectangle. Also you fly a box kite on its corner. That is just the traditional way. There are many more ways of making a box kite. Some Box kites were used in war called the cody war kites.

1 of 2 problems

     PROBLEM THREE: Under the direction of Harry Osborne, the Edmonds Community College kite team kept a parafoil in the air from August 21 to August 29, 1982. Their 180 hour, 17 minute flight created a world record for duration flying. If there we eight members of the team, and each took three hour shifts watching the kite, how many shifts would each team member be responsible for?      7.5

2 of 2 problems

PROBLEM FOUR: The largest kites built in Japan are flown in Hoshubana every May. The kites are 36 feet wide and 48 feet tall with bridle lines more than 100 feet long. It takes fifty members of the O-dako (Giant Kite) Association of Hoshubana to launch this giant creation. Each team member is suitably uniformed in a traditional festival jacket that matches the kite. The kite is made from individual pieces of rice paper, each glued together at the edges. If each sheet is 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall, how many sheets are needed to create the sail of this Japanese kite?                576 feet

Perimeter of a 3D kite

The perimeter of this kite is 366 inches. I added 18+18 then 25+25 and multiplied by 2. Next I added12+12 and 25+25 then multiplied by 2. Then i added 12+12 then 18+18 times 2. Then I added all of those numbers togther and got 366.