Modern Inventions

New Ideas For Better.

New inventions for a faster production

New inventions speed up production in factories and mills. The invention of the cotton gin helped speed up production by taking the cotton seed out of the cotton and putting it into spindles. Spinning jennys and the flying shuttle also helped speed up production of cloth.

The invention of the telephone.

 Alexander created a revolution in communications with his invention of the telephone. The telephone was invented by Alexander Grahm Bell in 1876. It made it easier to talk to anyone from a distance, rather than using a telegraph and morse code. 

inventions of medicine and health

New ideas about health and medicine came out and in 1796 Edward Jenner discovered if you inject some one with a small dose of a disease, such as cowpox it made it so you cannot get the disease in the future. Edward also discovered vaccines. Willhelm Rontgen developed the first x-rays in 1895 and made perfoming surgery a whole lot easier.