Bring Your Own Device @ MHS

What next?

After attending the "Building on the Momentum of DER: Beginning your BYOD journey" presented by Laurens Derks, a number of the Technology Team have a much better idea about moving forward to implement this significant change. This flyer is designed to inform and remind the Technology Team about achievable milestones and goals in order to progress.

Step 1- The Literature Review.

Critical to understanding of the scope, challenges, policies and lessons learnt on implementing a Bring Your Own Device, is a literature review commissioned by NSWDEC. All members of the technology team need to have read this document. You can locate the document here.

Step 2 - Defining goals at MHS

The great thing about BYOD is that it can, and should be tailored to suit the needs of each school.

Some questions that need to be asked are:

  • What is driving the implementation of BYOD at Mulwaree?
  • Which model of BYOD best suits our needs?
  • How will BYOD improve the teaching and learning of students at Mulwaree?
  • Does our community support a transition to BYOD?

Step 3 - Collaborative Planning

This step is a large step and will likely take a substantial amount of time.

Key stakeholders in the community will need to be surveyed. These include:

  • Teachers - survey their comfort with technology, willingness to significantly change pedagogy.
  • Students (SRC) - what information and support are they expecting during BYOD? Consultation will also increase ownership and responsibility of success of the program.
  • Parents - access to a device? Concerns? willingness to attend information nights?

Step 4 - Policy and Professional development

Revisiting our school policies to incorporate BYOD. Policies of note would be:

  • Welfare
  • Discipline
  • Technology usage

Professional Learning for students parents and teachers will be critical to the success of the BYOD program

  • Can we design a Professional Learning Program to up skill teachers in a BYOD environment? Who will lead this Professional Learning?
  • How do we foster confident digital citizens capable of working within an independent device environment?
  • Do we have the technical support to roll this program out?
  • Is our community informed about device choices that can enhance learning?