Perch Virtual Dissection Lab

Richie Scroggins 3/9/14 Mrs.Vu-PAP Bio-1

Perch Characteristics

Perch have specialized teeth called palatines used to eat small fish like minnows, they can also filter out zooplankton with their gill rakers, which are small filters in the gills. Perch are avery common fish that can be found in all sorts of different waters, including fertile water, eutrophic water (nutrient rich), and even turbid water (suspended solids).

Predators/Prey/Life Cycle

Gulls, eagles, hawks,and certain bass and catfish, and more all prey on perch. Meanwhile, Perch prey on fish eggs, cray fish, shrimp, and other types of young fish. The life cycle of perch is like most other fish going from various stages of an egg to young, small fish to adulthood.


Perch dissection

In the perch dissection lab the objectives included;

-Examine internal organs and structure

-Examine external structure

-Be able to identify and label both external and internal anatomy