Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Earth Science

The Great Charleston Earthquake 1886

There are many earthquakes in Earths time but there is one main simple earthquake to talk about The Great Charleston Earthquake Of 1886. It happened on September the 1st 1886 right in Charleston SC. The boundary that caused the earthquake was the divergent boundary right at the coastal plain and the magnitude of the earthquake at 7.3 leading the location of the epicenter right in the middle of Charleston while the depth of the focus was between 6.6-7.3. The result of the earthquake lead to 60 deaths and 5-6 million dollars of US dollars in damage and was resulted as the most biggest and dangerous earthquake for the southeast.

The Volcanic Eruption In Mauna Loa

The Mauna Loa is one of the most interesting volcanoes in the world. It cost the us 7 million dollars and it caused a whole city to be destroyed. It was in Hawaii and it is located behind the city of Hilo