Ryan Williams-Abrams

Clarence and the Green Crickets

Once upon a time in a very small village, lied a crack in the road. This crack was home to tons of crickets that would go about their daily lives, each one looking the same as the next; all but Clarence the Cricket. Clarence was special. He was brown. Now, being brown couldn’t have been that bad could it? For Clarence it was. He often got bullied in his neighborhood and around town for being brown.

One day when he when he was taking a walk by himself, some of the bullies found him and started to be mean to him. He started to run, but they kept following. He wasn’t looking where he was going and ran into a big patch of mud and the bullies followed. They all got stuck, and soon a dog came. This particular dog loved to eat crickets, and one by one picked all the green crickets out of the mud for him to feast on. He ate them all except Clarence because he blended in. And later that night when he told his mom the story, she told him, “Now you know that being different isn’t always bad!”


"Now you know that being different isn't always bad!"