03.28.16 Staff Update

A Communication Tool for the Seven Hills Staff

Personalized Learning at Seven Hills: Define, Discuss, Decide

Wow! What a great day of learning we had on Friday! It was a GOOD Friday indeed! What we had planned was intended to only last the morning, and due to the depth of discussion, it extended beyond lunch and I had to postpone topics until we meet again! WOW! I can tell that Seven Hills is hungry for this learning and the opportunity that it presents for ourselves, our students, our families and our communities!

You are already noticing that TLIM is not a "canned" program or a script to be followed, but rather a process that "encourages staff members and students to add their talents, passions, and imaginations to make it their own!" This process will require a focus on professional and personal learning and growth first. Becoming a Leader in Me school requires us to transform from the inside out. We must first work on the individual and their paradigms or ways of thinking. We must first see ourselves as leaders in order to promote leadership within others. I am excited about continuing our book study this spring, and our time together in June. Please make sure you have saved the dates, and remember...this is for ALL staff!

Next Steps:

  • Book Study: Read chapters 4 - 7 (I know I said 6 last week, but working through chapter 7 makes more sense)
  • June PD for ALL Staff: June 6 -8
  • Continue to record all of the wonderful brainstorming ideas in your Leader in Me notebooks! Great ideas are popping up everywhere!!!! We need to make sure we remember them all!

"Leadership is communicating a person's worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves"

What's Happening Next Week at The Hills?

  • Monday, March 28:
-Kim out 8-10 am at Superintendent Search Meeting

  • Tuesday, March 29:
-STAAR Testing 4th and 5th Grade: CLOSED CAMPUS - Staff wear jeans and Emerald City shirt to support our STAR, STAAR Test Takers!

-No Homework Hub and Tutor Tables

-No Grade Level PLCs

  • Wednesday, March 30:

-STAAR Testing 5th Grade: CLOSED CAMPUS - staff wear jeans and yellow brick road shirt to support our Star, STAAR Test Takers!

-No Homework Hub and Tutor Tables

  • Thursday,March 31:

  • Friday, April 1:

-7Hills Celebrates World Autism Day by encouraging students and staff to wear blue

-TELPAS window closes

Save The Date: (please add these dates to your calendars)

  • Monday, April 4: Child Abuse Prevention lessons (see communication from Jen Morales)
  • Thursday, April 7: Employee Recognition at Staff Meeting (refreshments will be served and eligible staff will receive service pins)
  • Friday, April 8: Rescheduled Laps for Learning Fun Run
  • Thursday, April 14: Vertical Team Meeting (rescheduled from 3/24)
  • Friday, April 15: PTA Carnival (please consider supporting this carnival by working a shift at your class/grade level booth, helping set up, or helping donate to silent auction baskets.)

Happy Birthday To:

Updates and Information

Campus and District Updates:

  • STAAR Testing This Week: 4th and 5th grade students are STAAR testing on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. There is potential for make-up testing through Friday. Please make sure you have read the important reminders and information from Leslie. I have attached to the email for your reference. Please make sure you have communicated to parents that the campus is closed to all visitors and volunteers on these 2 days!

  • Reflective Feedback Step 2: A Google Sheet was shared with all instructional staff for next steps in the middle of the year assessment data reflection process. Remember, this process is intended as a professional learning and growth opportunity. Our campus instructional focus has been on using data to drive instruction this year, and my goal for our staff is that we will become reflective practitioners. I believe that scores on assessments are only one measure of continuous improvement...they are not the "be all end all" - reflection and taking time to make connections and plan next steps is equally, if not more important. The intent behind completing these reflections in Google is that we can have "collaborative conversations" without having to meet face to face. I will be responding to your thoughts. I hope you will all carefully consider your responses. Please let me know if you have questions. Please respond by Monday, April 4.

Laps for Learning: The fun run will be held on Friday, April 8, 2016 during specials. Teachers are encouraged to join their classes to cheer them as they start or run/walk with them. Great news! The pledge collection window has been extended! Please help us communicate this PTA fundraiser and PE healthy lifestyle event to parents. The following talking points have been sent to parents in a Constant Contact:

  • We hope your students/families will consider contributing to our campus, our students, and our future by collecting a one time donation or pledges for each lap completed. Please let your child's teacher know if you need an envelope and pledge sheet. (Note: This fundraiser is in place of the previous pizza kit sales)
  • Pledge sheets will be turned in on the day of the fun run, so that volunteers can record the number of laps completed. All money will be due April 22nd.
  • Don't forget, incentives will be given for pledges and donations collected. Incentives include:

5 pledges or $25 in donations = sneaker key chain

10 pledges or $50 in donations = light up football

15 pledges or $75 in donations = plush pixel pal

20 pledges or $100 in donations = monster beach ball

25 pledges or $125 in donations = chance to win $50 Main Event gift card

  • Grade Level PLC Updates & Reminders: There are a few items needing to be addressed on each team: Make sure your PLC agendas are all accounted for and up to date in the PLC room. These are a form of documentation necessary for FIR accountability reporting with the state, as well as Evidence of Action for our campus Instructional Focus. Additionally, if your SMART goals have not been updated, revised, etc. please make sure this is completed as well. If you need the template, please let Tanya, Leslie, or Kim know. These are also a documentation component for the campus. Thank you for your attention to these items. Our next grade level PLC day is April 5th. All items need to be updated before the next PLC.

  • April is Child Abuse Prevention Month: I have attached the schedule Jen sent teachers to the email with the update. Please make sure parents letters are sent out this week. Also, please encourage students to wear blue on Friday, April 8 in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Jennifer Morales is your point of contact on this.

  • PDAS Teacher Self-Report Section 2 and 3: Mark your calendars...PDAS Teacher Self Reports are Due in Eduphoria by April 26, 2016.

  • Superintendent Search: The district is seeking input from staff and the community regarding the search for our new superintendent. You have multiple opportunities for your voice to be heard. Please take a minute to complete the survey linked below. Also, you are invited to attend one of several information gathering meetings. The meeting dates are also listed below:
-Survey: www.nisdtx.org/supersearch


  1. 3/28 Elementary Staff 3:30 pm at Admin. Bldg
  2. 3/28 Public Forums at 6:30 pm BNHS & Eaton
  3. 3/29 Public Forum at 7 pm Admin

  • Night of No Limits: An information update and timeline for preparation for Night of No Limits will be placed in boxes on Monday.