January News

From Grade 3 Bere

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and a well-deserved break. The new calendar year brings the opportunity to reflect on our learning and to set some new goals for the coming term. We have lots to look forward to this month!


What are we studying this month?

Language: Descriptive language is our learning focus in January. We will be learning about authors use rich language to communicate their message. We will learn about adjectives, vivid verbs and figurative language such as simile and metaphor. We will use our skills to write several descriptive passages. If you have not had a chance to see our writing from December, please come and check out the bulletin boards outside our classroom. The students did a fabulous job assuming the role of a fictional villain and writing persuasive letters to Santa explaining why they should be removed from the naughty list.

Math: Our focus in Math this month is addition and subtraction of 2 and 3-digit numbers with regrouping. Regrouping in a challenging concept for many students and you may find that your child will need to do some practice at home to gain proficiency. Multiplication will also be an ongoing focus throughout the term, as it is a skill that needs to be practiced over time.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of Early Settlers in Upper Canada from 1780-1850 with an emphasis on the challenges they faced. The students expressed interest in learning more about the Underground Railroad, so we will spend some time learning about the African Americans that travelled to Canada to escape slavery.

Science: We will begin a study of forces causing motion, specifically gravity, muscular force, friction, magnetism and buoyancy.