Tech @ KV

March 2014

"Not So Simple" Machines

Students in 6th grade science classes created complicated machines in the Rube Goldberg style. After learning about simple machines, they came up with their own design for complicated machines to flush a toilet, open the blinds, make a snowman and more. Using Power Point software they built their machines using clip art and drawing tools. Then they used advanced Custom Animation tools to make the machines work. Finally they recorded their voices using the Record Narration tool in Power Point. You can see some examples in the Science section of the KV Educational Technology webpage.

Declaration Statements Using iMovie

Students in 7th grade Social Studies classes worked with the macBooks to create iMovies that they will view and share with their classes. In Social Studies classes, the students learned about the Declaration of Independence, then wrote their own Declaration statements based on areas of interest. They used these statements as the theme of their video creations. They filmed themselves reciting their statements then added special effects, images and text to make their statements "come to life".

Virtual Art Museums

Students in Art 1 classes have been busy researching artists and creating Virtual Art Museums. Using PowerPoint, Word and Adobe Photoshop Elements, the students gathered information about the artists, searched for artwork and used tools in PowerPoint to build the museum room and insert the artwork. Finally they used Photoshop to crop photographs of themselves and add them to the museum. You can see samples at the KV Educational Technology webpage.

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Keeping Things in Perspective

Students in Art 2 classes are using PowerPoint in a unique way to create one and two-point perspective drawings. Using the drawing tools and a variety of shapes they are learning about vanishing points, horizon lines, light sources, converging lines, composition, and more as they design their projects.

Posting the Arts

Sixth grade students researched French, German, and Spanish artists in their World Language classes, utilizing appropriate online resources. Then they created Postcards for family and friends sharing information and artwork about the artists. They worked with templates and graphic design tools in Word.

All About Me Presentations

Seventh graders demonstrated their ability to read and speak basic language in French, German and Spanish as they created Power Point presentations in their World Language classes. The presentations included graphics, audio, video, animations and transitions.

KVMS Travel Tours

Eighth graders learned the importance of planning and research in taking a trip to a foreign country. in their World Language classes, the students chose a destination to a French, German or Spanish speaking location and planned the trip which included selection of airline, hotel, restaurant and various attractions at their destination. Once their research was complete they gathered graphics and put it all together in a travel video.

You can view samples at the KV Educational Technology webpage.

Career Brochures

Students in Mrs. Carroll's Family and Consumer Science classes have been learning about various careers and researching careers of interest. They used their research information to create brochures in Microsoft Publisher to share with the class. The brochures include information, graphics and design.

Fast Food Fun

Mrs. Reed's Family and Consumer Science classes have been working with Excel as they chart the nutrients in a meal from a fast food restaurant. After they input the data, made calculations and designed their charts, the students analyzed the value of their meal choices.

8th Grade - Fall Lessons

Eighth grade students are learning about computer programming! Using Alice software the students learn about computational thinking and problem solving. Click on the link below to learn more about Alice. Eighth graders also started their online Internet Safety course. Internet safety 101 is a four module course that students complete independently, at home or school, during the school year. The module topics include Digital Footprints, Safe Surfing, Cyberbullying and Social Media.

7th Grade - Fall Lessons

In 7th grade, students are also using technology to learn about computer science and programming. Scratch software allows the students to program games, interactive stories and animations encouraging creativity, problem-solving and collaboration.

6th Grade - Fall Lessons

Sixth graders are using Edmodo to complete their introductory technology lessons. Edmodo is an e-learning website in which assignments are posted, monitored and turned in. The students are learning about Digital Citizenship as they work with Word, Power Point, Excel, Internet resources and Alice software. Alice is a free tool that teaches computational thinking while designing programs to animate objects.