CCMS Weekly

September 28, 2015

Our first full week....Ugh

I tell the kids, somebody's gotta win, somebody's gotta lose. Just don't fight about it. Just try to get better. -Yogi Berra

Upcoming Events

Goals Due in My Learning Plan 9/30

All goals must be submitted in My Learning Plan by 9/30. Please make sure you hit submit.

Some important thoughts while creating your goals:

  • These are your professional goals, not the goals for your students in your class They should be focused on your professional growth. Focus on an area that you would like to improve on or an area you would like to focus on for the year.
  • Goals should be measurable.
  • Goals should be attainable.

Progress Reports

Mid-point of the first marking period is 10/2/15. School Tool will open for input on 9/28/15 through 10/7/15.

Correction: Articulation Day

The district calendar incorrectly listed the October 7th Articulation Day as no school for students. This is a half day for students, as it has always been. The half day schedule is shared in the google drive "CCMS Bell Schedules" folder. This day is dedicated to creating teacher SLO's. As a reminder pre-assessments are turned into your curriculum coordinator once completed and scored. The SLO form is available in My Learning Plan.

Pink Day 10/9

Friday 10/9 will be our annual Pink Day, more info to follow. The new Pink Dragon T-Shirts for the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk are now available. Short sleeve T-Shirts are $10, long-sleeve t-shirts are $15. Please see Cindy Cioffi in D-13.

October 28: Superintendent's Conference Day

Be a Presenter

October 28th's SCD will be focused on instructional technology. Do you have any ideas about technology that you would like to share with your peers? Contact Tina Kakakscik.

News & Notes

Principal's Council

Principal's Council will have it's first meeting Monday 10/26. Please speak as a hallway and let me know if you are interested in representing your wing this year. I am looking for a representive from each wing (B,C,D and E) as well as special areas, counseling and AIS/skills. This year we will be meeting on Mondays. I look forward to working together again.

Teacher Reps for PTO

The PTO is looking for teacher representatives. If you are interested in serving as a teacher representative on the PTO please let me know. I will provide coverage for you to attend the meetings. They are the second Thursday of the month and last for a little less then an hour. If we have a couple of reps then we can rotate meetings. Please let me know if you are interested.

3 Hour Delay Schedule

We just had the first day of fall so why not start talking about snow right? Fairbanks, Alaska did just have 6.5" inches of snow so you can never be too prepared. The three hour delay schedule is posted in the Google Drive under CCMS Bell Schedules. Please take a look and read the document over carefully. We will review it at our next faculty meeting.

Striving For Excellence

Be on the lookout for info from our Counseling Center on the Striving for Excellence campaign. We will once again be recognizing those students who go above and beyond in athletic, the arts, academics, effort and character.

Electrical Strips

Reminder that all electrical strips must be off the floor and secured. Extension cords cannot be daisy chained.

IMPORTANT: Chrome Books

Before handing out chrome books to your class take a quick count and double check that the correct number of books are in the cart. If any books become missing or damaged please let us know ASAP. Chrome book carts 1-3 are located in the lift hallway next to the A-Wing faculty room. The lock has been re-cored so the door opens with any faculty key. When you are finished with the chrome books take a count and make sure that all of the chrome books are back in the cart and plugged in. Please either deliver the chrome book cart to the next person on the calendar or back to it's spot on the lift when you are finished and plug the cart in. Please check the cart number you take and only take the cart number you have signed out.

If you are noticing a problem with Chrome Books logging on try this:

  • The date and time on chrome books may be incorrect. This can occur when the chrome book has been disconnected for some time and the synchronization does not occur. This will be evident if a user attempts to log into the chrome book and it will not. You usually have the cursor sit at the desktop, "the spinning effect", searching to authorize the account logging in, but can't authorize due to incorrect date and/or time. If this happens you should click on the date and time in the lower right corner, correct the date, time and if needed, timezone. The chrome book should reset, if not shut it down, turn it on again and you should be able to log in successfully.

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