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The Garden Needs Your Help

She talked and went to the community garden on this beautiful day only to figure out that there is a program! they want you to come down to the garden and help. We talked to them on the garden we talked to miss Sae Young on the garden.

they have a program to help the garden! they call it "help help the garden needs it ! ". We need your help come down to the garden and they will prepare you to plant and help.!

yea we were just talking to them they really need your help apparently they are running low on planting.

You can come down and help them that would be great! can you believe this is happening to our garden but remember you can help thanks for reading the local morning news!!

picture caption: the garden is in need as you can see !!

They need you to help them!

The one and only book review

Locomotion wold you read it to find out the wonders well thats what i did !

All it took was for me to wonder so i read a book review and it inspired me to do my own for a little book called locomotion.

locomotion is one great book basically alot of poems that are amazing i give this book a 9 out of 10 because this book as alot of deatail and feelings that i love to read and feel his type of fellings and see what his words are trying to say.

im very very happy i read this book it was great i really loved this book it had alot of texture and detail not just a little but alot you should read this book its fantastic!

you're invited!

The eclipse camp has arrived and gess what your invited to come! you can come and spend atleast a week over at our eclipse camp we have every year!

We will give you breakfeast lunch and dinner every single night your with us not only that then after a couple of days past by u will be on your last day and you get to spend the end of the day watching the eclipse then you will be returned home!