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October 26-30, 2020

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Welcome to Clear Fork Middle School...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Middle School Newsletter! It will provide information about the upcoming year and upcoming school events.

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Red Ribbon Spirit Week and More!

Hello Students and Parents!

This week is Red Ribbon Drug Free week and we have several events planned for our students. The picture above shows what dress up days we are doing for Spirit Week. We also have other activities planned including drug free pledges, an additional poster contest, drug free lessons, and a costume contest. We encourage all families to pause this week and take a moment to discuss how important it is to remain drug free especially during the preteen and teen years when our students' bodies are still growing.

On Wednesday we will brighten the cafeteria with our neon outfits! The students will have the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria for the first time this year on Wednesday. If all goes well and students can follow all of the social distancing guidelines, we will work to eat in the cafeteria more often. Here are the expectations for the cafeteria for Wednesday (and for any future visits).

  1. Students will be escorted by their homeroom teacher from their homeroom to hand-washing and then the cafeteria where they will sit by homeroom/family pod.

  2. Students will sit at their assigned tables until dismissed to purchase items from the kitchen. Only 5 students may enter the lunch line at the same time. Students should wait 6 feet apart while in the line to make purchases.

  3. Each homeroom will have two tables assigned to them and students may choose where to sit at the table. Only 2 students may sit on a bench allowing up to 8 students max per table set.

  4. Masks may be taken off only while eating. Students must wear masks to get up from the tables and they must put their mask on when they are done eating.

  5. Students are expected to raise their hand to signal when they need to get up from their seats (this has been done every year in the cafeteria for the last 7 years).

  6. There are no electronic devices allowed in the cafeteria. This includes chromebooks and cell phones.

  7. Trash cans in the center aisle will be utilized and trays will be stacked on a table near the trash can.

  8. At the end of lunch the staff on duty will assist the students in wiping down tables (this has been done every year in the cafeteria for the last 7 years- this year, we will be wiping down the benches too) prior to dismissal so that the tables are prepared for the next group of students to use the cafeteria.

  9. Teachers will pick up students at the end of lunch and escort them back to the classroom.

We have several contests the students will have the opportunity to participate in this week from poster contests to a costume contests. Currently we have several gift cards to hand out but we could always use more prizes. If you are willing to donate items to be used as prizes such as $5 gift cards, candy, stickers, and more, please just drop items off at the MS Office by Thursday at 9am. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Just a reminder about the Halloween Costumes for Friday... costumes need to follow dress code and a few simple guidelines. This means no short or low-cut outfits. No full face masks, we must be able to see your eyes and part of your face. No blood/fake blood. No weapons. Hats are allowed. There will be a costume contest with several categories. Each grade will nominate two students per category for the final judging.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!


Mrs. Jennifer Klaus

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Student Posters Displayed Around Town

Mrs. Popa's 6th grade Social Studies class created posters about voting to be posted around town. The students participate in a lesson where they research how their vote is their voice before making the posters.
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A note about Fees...

Fees apply to all students regardless if they are a Face-to-Face Learner or a Remote Learner. The fees help to cover the cost of various supplies such as planners, workbooks, art supplies, tech supplies, and more. They also cover the cost of the online programs that we must renew for each student every year such as Moby Max, STAR/AR, Problem Attic, Gizmos, etc.
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A special thank you

All the Drug Free art work was summited by the following students: M. DeMoss, J. Brokaw, A. Arbutina, S. Colliflower, and C. King. Thank you for the excellent job on your posters!

Thank you to my newsletter contributors and proof readers.

Please keep in mind that everything contained in this newsletter was accurate at the time of publication. We will continue to keep you informed as changes are made.

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About us

CFMS provides education to students in the 6th, 7th, and the 8th grade. Approximately 435 students are enrolled in the middle school. The middle school and high school are attached and share many resources such as the cafeteria, library/media center, auditorium, and various classrooms.