Clara Barton

First women to help with medical attention in the civil war!

What she did for the civil war:

She is the founder of the American Red Cross, in 1880. She felt that she needed to be more of a help to the soldiers so she made a program that helped the wounded, the hurt, and the sick. She separated the wounded on how mad they were hurt. She helped amputate a leg or arm in needed. She would help get the bullets out of the men. She would try her best to keep everything sanatary. She always brought her own equipment that way she new that it was clean. She started telling everyone to wash their hands because it speaded diseases, and caused infection.

Becoming an Angel of the Battle Field:

Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. First she was a teacher, then she got interested in the war. She felt as if she needed to help others and she knew she had to help with the sanitation system. She quick her job as a teacher and became a nurse to the wounded. She was called "The Angel of the Battle Field". Every women that was helping on the battle field were called Angels of the battle field, Clara was just the most well known angel. She became welcomed at the battle of Antietam, She traveled many places to help the wounded. Abe Lincoln appointed her to General correspondent, this meant she had to respond to anxious inquiries, she had to tell the families if people were missing or if they were dead. She vollunteered in many different wars, for example one of the wars she was most interested in was the Spanish-American war in Cuba. She passed away in 1912 on April 12, SHe passed away in her own home