Library Report

Second Quarter 2013-2014

Student Learning

# Student visits: 14,343

Research and Technology Course

All freshmen know how to:

  • Blogging/making a digital portfolio with Blogger.

  • Write parenthetical citations.

  • Use media ethically with Noodletools

  • Find and use databases.

  • Evaluate sources using the C.R.A.P. test. C=Currency, R=Reliability, A=Authority, P=Point of View.

  • Analyze and describe contemporary instances of plagiarism through the cases of Jayson Blair, Kaavya Viswanathan, and Jonah Lehrer. They have considered how plagiarism relates to the larger idea of academic integrity.

  • How to use one of these presentation tools: Haiku Deck, Smore, Powtoon, Picktochart.

  • How to search for images and cite them using Creative Commons, Flickr, and/or AP Images.

  • Use some advanced Google search functions and evaluate search engines.

Special Education

Identified and promoted Learning Ally as a reliable source for audiobooks for students on IEPs, 504, and students with documented and/or undiagnosed reading disabilities including concussions and dyslexia. If one of your students needs an audiobook for one of those reasons, please refer your student to the Special Education department.

Wrote an Assistive Technology and Audiobook White Paper for the Weston School district.

Mid-Year Curriculum Analysis


The skills I teach are overwhelmingly interdisciplinary. Students, especially Juniors and Seniors, can benefit from lessons where I collaborate with their classroom teachers.

  • 60% of my teaching is in Res-Tech

  • 40% is co-teaching in other classes

The proportion of students I teach in formal classroom settings are

  • 75% Freshmen
  • 20% Sophomores
  • 5% Juniors and Seniors

Most frequent goals of my classes are

  • Using technology to access and display knowledge
  • Organize knowledge so it is useful

  • Determine how to act on information

  • Organize personal knowledge in a way that can be called upon easily

Skills I teach most often:

  • Curation

  • Blogging

  • Using media ethically with Noodletools

Vocabulary I teach most often is:

  • citation

  • curation

  • blog

Curriculum integration and collaboration patterns are

  • 95% of what I teach are interdisciplinary skills, yet
  • 65% of my classes have no collaboration with other teachers, and
  • only 20% have a high level of collaboration with other teachers

For more statistics and information, including standards taught, please see Library Curriculum 2013-2014

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Learning Commons Transition

The Learning Commons committee continues to create instruments to identify the needs of our community. Surveys, focus groups, and observations are coming soon. Please remember we need your honest input to build the learning commons that our school needs.

Weston High School Mission and Learning Commons Document

Trying some new things...

National Novel Writing Month promotion in November

Approximately five students wrote/tried to write novels. The library provided a quiet writing space in my office and writing support materials.

The YouTube Festival

Students and faculty were invited to contribute to this crowd-sourced event happening the day before holiday vacation. We will try it again next year to see if it gains more traction.

Weston Room

Established in small conference room to house local history materials.

New Books Display Shelves

Behind catalog computers

Fun web 2.0 collaboration

with Angela Lee on World History Paper Pinterest board

If you are interested in creating and collaborating on a board to support your teaching, so am I!