The Internet Can Be A Dangerous Place

Am I Being Cyber-Bullied? Whats Does "Cyber-Bullying" Mean?

- Cyber-Bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, usually by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

The Tips You Want For The Times You Need Them.

1. Don't Sweat It.- Most Cyber-Bullies just want to hurt you to get a reaction out of you and once they see you wont react, they'll leave you alone.
2. Stupidity Is Unrewarded.- If your acting stupid/obnoxious online you may be walking into a Cyber-Bullying problem and you may not even know it. Don't act stupid/obnoxious online and you raise the chances that you wont be Cyber-Bullied.
3. Why Join Them?- When you see someone being Cyber-Bullied online, stand up for them if you can! Don't join in on hurting the person and don't stay in the shadows. Someone may help you so why not help them?

The Numbers.

- Nearly 7 in 10 young people with a survey of 10,000 people were and still are victims of Cyber-Bullying. Research show that males and females suffer about the same amount of Cyber-Bullying attacks each year will little variation.

Where Can I Go? Who Can I Talk To?

1. The first resource you could use is your parents. They'll help you through this problematic time.
2. This website provides stories and help that will get you through Cyber-Bullying.

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