Digital Volunteers

Touching student lives ... one click at a time

We Need You....

Do you want to be more involved volunteering in your child's classroom, but work is getting in the way? We are looking for interested parents who would volunteer time digitally by providing feedback and encouragement online for your son's or daughter's class in a blogging platform.

Digital Volunteers Needed

Project Goals

Students in Liberty Oaks 4th Grade classrooms will be engaging in becoming a community of bloggers during second semester. Blogging is an excellent way for students to engage online to write for authentic audiences and receive feedback from outside sources such as our Digital Volunteers.

Throughout this project we will be creating spaces where students can learn and reflect. Our blogging platform, ​KidBlog, has been selected because it provides more security than the blogging tools adults typically use.

What are "blogs"?

Blogs in Plain English

Timely Feedback

Timely feedback is critical for students to grow:

  • in the development of student writing
  • in understanding different perspectives
  • increasing student thinking and personal reflection
  • in understanding how online platforms make connections and especially how important it is to be a good digital citizen - and stay SAFE!

Keeping Kids Safe

Part of the classroom conversation with students and adult participants will be digital citizenship and as a Digital Volunteer you will be able to model good citizenship behavior for students.

Time Commitment

The time commitment will be directly related to the number of Digital Volunteers we receive in this program. Students will be broken into teams who will be given to the Digital Volunteers via the classroom teacher. Teachers will be monitoring and giving feedback to all students in addition to the volunteers and other district staff. At no point will there be contact between students and adults that will not be monitored for the safety of all children.

Volunteer Structure

If you are interested in this program:

  1. You can fill out THIS Google form to start the process.
  2. The teacher will share blogging goals with the volunteers, including tips and examples for providing meaningful age-appropriate feedback to students.
  3. The teacher will set goals for completing your feedback to students as our goal is a reasonable but quick turnaround to keep students engaged in the conversation.
  4. After the first rotation, we will send out an optional survey to find out how we can improve the project for students, teachers, and Digital Volunteers!