Benjamin Franklin

A asome leader

Birth and Family\\

His family was very big.He had 16 brothers and sisters he was born in Boston. Did you know some of his family died before he was born and he was the 15thens child in his family. did you know that he had a big house his father was a soup and candle maker.
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Childhood & Education

He would learn most things form a book. did you know that he made flippers out of wood. he got put in the hall of fame for swimming he was a very good swimmer. the flippers were

one of his first invents for his life.

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College & Career

When he was a child college was not invented yet.But he larend a lot of stuff from a good book. did you that he made that he maid some amsome things from a book.

Accomplishments & Leadership

He made electricity for the hole world.he was the founding fathers of the fire departments all around the world.and if you had a car that you were stuk they would get you out of the car.

He Is a Good Leader

vI think that he was a good Leader because he helped the world with all of his invents and he helped the world a lot.