The Future is Doomed

Children dying from working 14-16 hours in awful conditions

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Childrens future is being ruined because of bad working conditions, and child labor.

Children are the ones who will shape the future. But how can they do this when one out of every children between the ages of 10-15 are working 14-16 hours. Many children will never go to school, and will never get the experience of having a real job. They aren't just missing out on life because they are missing school many of kids who work have to experience life risking injuries, losing limbs, and some even death. Breaker boys inhale great amount of coal dust that damage their lungs and is causing illnesses. Boys work the same hours as an adult, but only make 50-60 cents a day. The next time you see a child working think of the troubles that they have to go through and help end child labor today.

This needs to change

With change a better future for the kids will come. Because without the children today how will we strive in the future. Who will run the government, who will take care of our every day needs. These children need us right now, but in the near future it will be you who needs them.

Things are in process

The government are realizing their mistakes and have made some new laws to help limit child labor. New laws called for no children working who are under 16. They are also are in the process of making hours shorter, and making a minimum wage for all workers