Expectations & Procedures

The Nuts and Bolts of Independent Reading

Schulze Believes...

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As a grade level, create a belief statement about independent reading.

We will share when teams are done.

We will take the common thread among all grade levels to create our Schulze believes statement.

The Activity

1. If you could be an animal, what animal would you be? Draw this in the upper-right-hand corner of your envelope. Name your animal!

2. What problem do you foresee with establishing Independent Reading in your classroom?

3. Send one team representative to place them in the collection box. Remember, you don't have to sign your card if you don't want to.

Setting up Classroom Procedures

"The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines."

-Harry Wong


As a team, share your wealth of knowledge. Share your experiences, successes, pitfalls on the organization of your materials. Take out your laptops and get to know the resources you have for this key component.

Things to consider:

Will we all follow the same procedures for our materials?

What are our non-negotiables as teachers and for our students?

Is there a better way to do what I'm already doing?

Classroom Procedures & Routines

"The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives."

-Robert John Meehan

Think, Pair, Share

What are some tips, tricks and lessons you've used to teach your students how to

choose a spot

stop interrupting

choose a just right book

Resources-- Just in Case You'd Like Some Ideas!

Wrapping Up

1. Open the envelope to look at a peer's concern or question.

2. Use your previous learning, or what you've learned today to give that person a piece of advice, a possible solution, or just some kind words. Write this on a new index card and place it inside the envelope.

3. You'll get a signal when it's time to trade envelopes.

4. Someone will pick up all of the envelopes from you. Please make sure they're sealed.

5. Pick up your envelope!