Right Brain Thinker

Right Brain Thinker

Although I am capable of using both the right and left side of my brain depending on the

situation, I am most comfortable while using the Right side of my brain. That means

that I Act on the spur of the moment, creative, and takes risks. Because I am a Right brain thinker,

I could use more Pattern and looking at the finer details of life.

My Personality Type

#1 Blue

I am blue type of person. When I say I am blue this means that I am more compassionate than other people. I am the person that knows what is going on with you without you saying anything because i already read your body language and listened to how you're saying things. I hate negativity, conflict, and rudeness. I will keep the team together but won't be the leader. I don't think success comes from money.

I am an introvert

One i like solitude or keeping you social content limited to one-on-one conversations, two small groups, three good at understanding boundaries, and four i like to find the perfect work environment.

What do I want

My top 3 career choices

How Do I Get It?

Top 2 Colleges

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High School Timeline

Senior year 12th grade

Fight senioritis. We know the struggle to not get lazy is real, but your grades and involvement still very much matter at this point. Stay strong!

Take the ACT or SAT again. If you're unhappy with your scores

get letters of recommendation. Request them in the first few weeks of school. Choose teachers advisers or employers who know you and your work well. No family. No friends.

Apply to your top three to five schools.

Make sure your applications contain. all the requested material

  • Proofread everything. twice.
  • Send in a neat clean application
  • Make copies of everything

Second Semester

Pick a school.

Pick the school that matches you the most

Fill out the FAFSA

Government gives loans

Make sure all of the paperwork required

By the university and its departments has been filled out and sent by the dates specified.

Begin Researching

Greek rush requirements at your college of choice.

Check on Housing look at your living space for college

Graduate and finally enjoy your summer