Le Pain Quotidien

21 octobre 1793

Le Roi Dans Sa Vie

When the king and queen were still living in Versailles, they lived in luxury. They had elegant halls, with the most expensive furniture and artwork ever to be seen by a Frenchman. They had more guest rooms than a village had children, and each were furnished completely and elegantly. They had plenty of entertaining space, where he could invite the entire country, and we'd still have standing room. His dining hall was also beautiful, and his table plenty of space to host three feasts. That is where our taxes have ended, in his beautiful palace, miles away from Paris.

Se Souvenant De la Bastille

The mighty fortress once stood to hold many lives, hidden from social contact, where they were be prepared for execution on our streets, was named the Bastille. We used to tremble under its shadow, wondering what laid behind those giant stone walls, hoping that any innocents were safe from harm. Let us remember the day, we rallied against the guards, climbed the stairs to the very top of the building, and tore it down, stone by stone. This may have been quite some time ago, but we should still be proud that we, ourselves, disassembled one of our greatest fears. May we never forget what each pair of hands have done to bring down the Bastille.

Vous êtes allé dans le mauvais sens vieux roi Louis

Let us rejoice, both monarchs are now passed on. We have publicly executed both King Louis XVI and, recently, Queen Marie Antoinette. For their crimes against the Third Estate, they were imprisoned the same way that many of those they imprisoned, then they were brought to public like the many lives they extinguished. May we always remember their last words. Louis publicly announced, "Gentlemen I am innocent of everything of which I am accused. I wish that my blood may be able to cement the happiness of the French." Marie, for her final words, spoken just a few days ago, spoke to her executioner in an apology, when she stepped on his foot. She said, "Pardon me sir. I did not mean to do it," and that was the end of their reign.