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Coaching Cycles! PLEASE SIGN UP!!

I am going to offer a coaching cycle in October-November. The link here will allow you to learn more and sign up. Even if you are not planning on starting one for me, please go and look at the survey. You may want to ask questions or comments! I won't share the information with anyone, it is for just me! My thanks ahead of time!

Awesome App

Thanks to our very own Alex Buda (music teacher extraordinaire) I downloaded an awesome app that will take a picture of a page in a book and then turn it into a PDF. You can then save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox, or you can email it to yourself!

Talk about helpful! Cindy and I were working on curriculum and she wanted to use something from a book and Alex came to the rescue!

CamScanner is the app. Cindy found it on her iPhone and I downloaded it on my android.

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How to Encourage Students - In growth mindset ways!

This chart gives you a few great ways to praise students that promotes growth mindset!
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Great idea for math! And everyone can find a useful tip in this video!