Italy Web Quest

Georgie forestier-Wardley

Task 1: Setting The Scene

What do i already know about Italy?

I know about their traditions and how they sill follow them. They have some great ancient artefacts/places like the colosseum, many great statues and art work, Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius. The city of water, venice and how they only travel by boat and foot there (no cars). And also that it is an amazing country and i will enjoy the trip.

What would i like to know about Italy?

I would like to know more about the traditions and why they still follow them so strongly unlike other places in the world. I would also like to know more about the Volcanoes.

Task 2: The Physical Geography of Italy

Tallest Volcanoes in Italy

Mount Etna- 3329m

Amiata- 1738m

Monte Vulture- 1326m

Most Recently Erupted Volcanoes in Italy

Stromboli- 2013

Mount Etna- 2013

Mount Vesuvius- 1944

Mt Etna

- It is the tallest volcano in Italy, 3329m tall

- Is still an active Volcano, could still erupt at any time.

- Has a base of 500,000 year old volcano

Task 3: Food

Basic Facts

  • They take food very seriously
  • They sometimes don't eat the same things we would e.g donkey, snail, goat sea enchant
  • Pizza is probably the most famous Italian dish, it was invented in Napoli/Naples around 1860
  • The original name for 'spaghetti' was 'maccheroni.' The word 'spaghetti' actually means 'strings.'
  • Italians eat spaghetti only with a fork? No spoon.....

3 Traditional Main Dishes

  • Fettuccine Alfredo - A creamy Alfredo sauce, wide noodles like fettuccini.
  • Lasagne -A classic dish, ground beef, sausage, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesean cheeses layered with wide strips of pasta.
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce - This is a simple dish, you can add extra ingredients including meatballs, mushrooms, broccoli, sausage, or ground beef.

3 Traditional Pastries

  • Tiramisù – Savoiardi (lady fingers/sponge cake) is layered with mascarpone or zabaglione to make this ultra-popular Italian dessert.
  • Cannoli – Powdered sugar and mascarpone fill fried pastry-dough tubes.
  • Cavallucci - Rich Christmas pastries, flavored with anise, and known for their chewy texture.

Task 4: Culture and Tradition


  • Family is very important for Italians.
  • They had strong bonds and still do but less but more than other countries
  • Families in italy shared bonds from food to culture to marriage to herritige
  • It can be easily noticed the bond between italian relatives (my grandma and her brothers and my family)


  • Italian art is basically a time line of their history
  • Around the time of the renaissance to the 16th century was a big time for italian art


Also known as the city of water and love, it is a city built on and around an island which looks like it was built on water.

They are very traditional there. They only get around by gondelas still traditionally rowed by rower who would also sing. People still get around by foot but no cars!

Task 5: What Is My favourite Part/Feature of Italy

Ancient Geographical Features and Buildings

I really like the idea of going to a place that existed hundreds of years ago and how well preserved and made they are. These places are like Trevi fountain, Pompeii, The Duomo
but one of the places i want to go to the most is the colosseum.

It was made to be a practical place to seat up to 55,000 spectators to watch animals fight, gladiator matches and gladiators match animals. There were also up to 80 bigger than human statues so well crafted which we could still see today.

There are many aspects of the world that have these types of artefacts but what i love most about italy id how these types of things are all over the country.