Chinese New Year Festival

By: Nyra Tanner

My time at the Chinese Festival

During my time at the Chinese Festival I got to see a lot of aspects of the Chinese culture. I saw a lot of people dressed up in traditional clothing and even got to see some people preform different forms of traditional dance. I thought it was really cool that different parts of china had a different culture or style of dance. All of the different aspects of china truly make it one beautiful whole.

Chinese dragon

of course every Chinese new year celebration would not be complete without the special guest appearance of 年.
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Traditional Dancing

at the Chinese festival there were examples of traditional dance. All of them very pretty and unique in their own way. There also was a performance of traditional singing. It was really cool. When the guy came out his voice was very high but it was still really cool. Their clothing was really nice as well. They had a performance from Taiwan. I thought of 张老师.
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Chinese YoYo

Wow when I first saw them perform i was in awe. I remembered when we first learned how to yoyo in fish camp. The kids were tossing them around. It was in that moment that I learned that expertise Chinese yoyo takes time, dedication, and lots of practice.