Rebel Without a Cause

By Chelsey

Plato's Traits

Plato doesn't really fit in with anyone and keeps to himself most of the time. He seems to be the loner of the group. He gets into trouble because it's something for him to. He is always by himself, he does have a mother but she is never home.The only person Plato has is the housekeeper otherwise no one understands him. There is a possibility that he has a chemical imbalance in his brain, he doesn't have social contact with people, talks like a child, and we found out that he shot puppies. Plato isn't really a bad person he is just misunderstood.

Plato's Changes..

Plato changed a little bit throughout the movie. At first he didn't trust anyone and was not able to communicate very well.In the end he does have friends who support and understand him. Plato shows that he has gained trust because he handed Jim the gun and he would've never done that. Plato's life ended suddenly because he was unstable and made bad choices.


Even though the title says "rebel without a cause", every character clearly has one for their rebellion. The most common one was the dysfunctional families they were raised in. The main challenges and troubles he faced throughout the movie is trying to conform and be normal to fit in. Whenever he attempts to be like the others he is thought more of strange then anything and that is when he becomes a rebel. Plato is not sure on how to express his feelings so he becomes frustrated with himself and that doesn't help him. No one understands what is going on with him, but the only people who try are the people that were the closest to him, Jim and Judy. Plato felt he was not wanted and unimportant. the biggest challenge he had was himself..

The Mansion

When they discovered the abandoned mansion, it might have just seemed like fun and that they were messing around, but it symbolized much more than that. The mansion was a symbol of how badly each one of them wanted a "perfect" family, one that stayed together and was happy. It showed how desperately each one dreamed of having that kind of family so their children don't end up like they are.


I think the main lesson is for the parents to trust their kids more about rebelling because they were just sticking up for themselves. It showed people that teenagers were not as bad as they thought and that they can be kind like everyone else. Also they were rebelling to be their own person and not conform to what everyone else does or like. They wanted to be individuals and noticed.