The School's New Old Rules

By Madison Lewis

Recently, the administration team of many high schools have started to enforce rules from wearing I.D.'s, checking for plagiarism on papers, and last but not least, enforcing school dress code. Yes, that's right students. YOU could be next to be forced to change into long shorts and a turtleneck.

The Cause of the Clause

We all hate it now that it's being enforced, but whatever principal Dr. Joy Kill says goes. She has gone off a tangent, and has ruined everyone's style.

The first wave was enforcing the placement of everyone's pants on their body. She is implementing that everyone's pants must be pulled up and over their waist, wishing to start the trend of pants taking the place of a shirt.

The second wave included the rule of wearing humongous shirts that cover our whole body. Dr Kill Joy was so tired of shirts only covering people's torso, and we are starting to believe that she's insane.

We don't know what she'll do next, but we're hoping for the best here at Less Hope High School. Her new rules have been broken daily, by both students and teachers. None of us will listen! The students have consulted one another, and we have decided to make it easier on us and protest for school uniforms. Maybe it's not such a bad idea after all...