Gordan Korman

By:Charles Musser

Where Gordan Korman Lives And Visits

Gordan Kormans His Writing Career

  • When he was in 7th grade he wrote a novel was called,This Can't Be Happening At McDonald Hall.
  • And he published it to Scholastic Canada and the book was a big hit.
  • And he said to scholastic that when starts to make a book he starts off with something real an then he just releases his imagination .
  • Gordan Korman has written 80 something books for kids and teens.
  • Gordan Kormans been writing for 3 quarters of his life.
  • Gordan Kormans books have been translated into 32 languages
  • Gordan Korman has sold 28 million copies world wide.
  • My resources were http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/contributor/gordon-korman and http://gordonkorman.com/more-resources/about-gordon-korman.

Gordan Kormans