North Korea!

by: Paribesh Upreti

The Suffering Man!

"When I was living in north Korea, I could barely live. I didn’t have any food, I couldn’t find any job, and when I stole food from a store that only had food for display, I got imprisoned.My family also got imprisoned because of what I did. The leader of our country, Kim-Jong-un, imprisons anyone who commits a crime and he also imprisons all of their relatives. If you do a really bad crime that’s against the country then you’ll be executed. I was imprisoned for a half a year before I was released. When I first got their, they beat the life out of me. They whipped me and beat me with a stick and almost broke my legs, and I was barely feed. I also got separated from my family when I got imprisoned. After I was released, I didn’t know where my family was and I thought the worst happened to them. I couldn’t survive in this country, so I took the risk and escaped to China by crossing the border with the help of some people. In china, I was finally able to survive and live in peace. "

-Chang Lee

North Korea's Bitter Punishment for Negligible Crime
This video shows that North Korea's dictator executes anyone that does a crime that is negligible as talking when your told to be quite.

The Conversational View

John: (reading something on his phone and sees his best friend) Hey Dave how have you been?

Dave: (looks back) I'm fine.

John: Hey I just read an article on my phone about North Korea.

John: Did you know that they were actually trying to build an intercontinental missile that can actually reach the U.S.?

Dave: No! And I thought they had all the nuclear weapons they needed. They've already built all the missiles and tanks they needed. Ever since Kim-Jong-Un beacame leader, North Korea has been building up their nuclear arsenal stock and cyber technology.

John: I know right! They've also sold those arsenals to other countries to get money.

Dave: North Korea's a country that really needs to be worried about.

Dave: I mean they could really start a massive war.

John: North Korea's relations with other nations has gotten worst since Kim-Jong-Un took power. It's like they've become even more secluded than before. All Kim-Jong-Un does is build up the country's arsenal supply. He doesn't consolidate with any neighboring nations.

Dave: He's really destroyed hope of any change!

John: Well he became dictator when he was 26, and he didn't have much experience with politics.

Dave: You have to admit though that the guy is insane. He eliminates anyone that does something to change how the country is. He even killed his own uncle who wanted reform.

John: Yeah but it's not like were gonna change anything by just talking! Common lets go to the town hall so we can vote in this year's presidential election.

Dave: (sighs) Ok!

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Kim Jong Un's uncle before being executed by shooting

"North Korea's Propaganda Video Leaves U.S. Feeling Threatened"

"On March 26, 2016, North Korea released a propaganda video that showed them launching a nuclear strike on Washington with a intercontinental missile. The video also came with a warning that said not to provoke them. This clearly depicts their deep hatred for America and shows that their not afraid to go to war."
North Korea NUKES Washington DC in New Video Propaganda