Message From Lydia

As channeled by J. Mandeville


Dear Ones,
I am requested today to speak about what you term, triggers. Triggers are when one has neuronets formed in the brain due to an emotional event. Associative memory is set off creating a ripple effect. In other words, something happens that reminds you of something else unpleasant. This is an aspect of personality that is commonplace. As frequent occurrence as it is, it is typically not beneficial to the person being triggered. While the brain associates the two events they usually are not related. How someone responds to someone else may be unfair to them for they may not have done anything wrongful.

For example, let's look at what you call, "road rage". Often enough someone is innocently driving along oblivious to the anger that may be welling up in someone else. The person being triggered takes the driving behavior as personal and the situation may escalate.

One recommendation that spirit has is to ask for clarity on your triggers. By becoming aware of them you will gain control over them and when they occur they will influence you less. You may become the "observer" of them, realize what is happening, then ask for the trigger to get gently released.

You may also send blessings to those that you feel have "set you off". This intention will further benefit you. To take things a step further you may ask to see the divinity within that person, even if they are a stranger.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt is also compassionate. Also helpful is to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Why are they acting the way they do? We often enough do not know the darkest issues that have occurred in someone's life.

Of course these recommendations do not mean that you are to become a "doormat" for people to walk all over and manipulate. It is good for you to expect respect.

Remember, your loved ones in spirit and your spirit guides are here to assist you. We love you very much.

Message from Jean:
Hello Everyone,
I am savoring these days of beautiful weather. Are you taking the time to feel the sun on your skin, the breeze through your hair and the grass under your feet? Connecting to nature has a very balancing effect. By making the time for this now it helps us feel as if our season is extended. We are participating in it. Create a sublime experience for yourself and your soul will feel blessed.
Blessings to you all,

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