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Celebrating May


If you are receiving this email for the first time, WELCOME!

I'm so honoured to have you in our Stella & Dot team.

I hope you'll use this monthly resource as a way to plug into the training that is just right for you and your business! Please let me know how I can help you soar with success in your are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

If you have sponsored a NEW STYLIST...please forward to them to ensure they are receiving ALL communication. We will get your new stylist added to team communication within a week but if you find that we have accidentally missed someone, please email me and I'll get it corrected asap.

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Welcome New Stylists!

Where to begin? Connect with your sponsor and set up a time to discuss your New Stylist Training. Check out Your Stylist Lounge Tour for an overview on the Lounge. Find more tips and tools for your business in the Toolbox section of Stella & Dot University. Compile a short list of questions for your sponsor to help keep you on track. Looking for Additional Support? Join the Stella & Dot Canada Regional Facebook Page and your Local Facebook Page.

BIG Glitteratti Welcome to:

Aliza Cundy

Amy Francis

Ashley De Santis

Dorothy Walker

Issy Galas

Jessica Mortimer

Kathryn Maynard

Kristine Aquino

Marla Minichiello

Melanie Peterson

Michelle Stenson

Missy Gowans

Priyanka Saldanha

Shauna Thornton

Congrats on your promotion to Lead Stylist!

Just a Hop.Skip.Jump to Senior Stylist!! Connect with your upline sponsor to see what that looks like for you!

Lydia O'Neill

Cristina De Leon

Meagan Richardson

Stephanie Jestico

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Tatiana Robertson is Victoria's Star

Congratulations are in order for Tatiana Robertson for DOUBLE Promoting to Senior Stylist and then to STAR in May! She had a big goal and was not going to let up before she accomplished it. Tatiana is currently the ONLY Star in Victoria but I know there are more island Glitteratti members on their way up shortly! BIG CONGRATS Tatiana! Can't wait to celebrate with you in Vegas!


Kudos to Nora Woo for raising the bar for herself every month. She hit $2309 last month- she wanted that extra 5% and she made it happen in the last few days of the month! Way to go for it Nora! You are a rising star! See you at Hoopla! ~ Rachelle

Kudos to Natasha Hutt, Meagan Richardson, Nicole Davis, Steph Jestico, and Lindsay Hilton for hitting your Quickstart Bonus! ~ Scarlett

Kudos to Manoji Wirasinghe for her over $4000 launch trunk show benefiting Breast Cancer Research aptly named, Jewels for Jugs! ~Stacy

Kudos to Anita Aikins who is always so supportive and touches base with me at least once a week to give me encouragement and to be a fabulous friend. She's the best! ~Jacqueline

Kudos to Laura Rudderham for hitting your jumpstart and qualifying second month of this quarter in a row! I see a great future for Laura with Stella! ~ Leah

Kudos to Janet Rutledge and Robyn Cook for building and consistently coaching such strong and positive teams! ~ Leah

Congrats to Glam Getaway Earners

Level 1

Rachela Brisindi

Tatiana Robertson

Rebecca Lang

Tong Mu

Janet Rutledge

Andrea Garnett

Brittny Van Schagen

Meghan McRae

Lydia O'Neill

Patricia Perkins

Rebecca Williams


Cristina De Leon

Robyn Cook

Cara Gilewicz

Janet Wakal

Level 2

Stacy Williams

Leah Leipert

Nancy Dunsmore

Colleen Carlisle

Scarlett Ballantyne

Jessica Weiss

Jodi Macandrew

Alison Montone-Lyon

Shannon Evora

Rachelle Eggertson

Jennifer Evans

Top 10 May


Scarlett Ballantyne $6,583.34

Shannon Evora $6,362.58

Colleen Carlisle $6,322.30

Stacy Williams $5,991.30

Nancy Dunsmore $5,373.10

Jennifer Evans $5,306.83

Leah Leipert $5,040.65

Sharon Graham $3,273.00

Brittny Van Schagen $3,250.00

Jodi Macandrew $3,210.14

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Registration is STILL OPEN

I'm SO happy to see that there are still Glitteratti girls registering. It's not too late!

Team Glitteratti has a heck of a good time!!! Stylists who have attended Hoopla with me are year over year in my Top 20 for sales and consistently promote up to Star +. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact your upline sponsor. No one will be left out at events....unless you want to do your own thing there! ;)

Team Event

I do not want to over schedule anyone for events as there is a lot to take in. I would of course love to invite everyone to our (Scarlett and I) annual champagne toast in our suite on Monday, July 15 from 1-2:30 pm. (Room # will be posted on our Facebook page on Saturday) We ask that you please have room service bring you wine or champagne glasses to your room to take with you.

There is also a no host team dinner planned for Monday, July 15th at Tao Restaurant in the Venetian Hotel. This is a hot spot for celebrities so it only seemed fitting that the Glitteratti girls would dine here. A BIG thanks to Scarlett for organizing again this year, it's never easy. Please register HERE by Saturday, June 22 so we can secure our reservation.