Cancer is scary

Olivia P.

What cancer is

The illness that involves chemo, the liquid injected into your body, is one of the most known diseases. There are many types of cancer like breast cancer, lung cancer, and more. Cancer is a very harmful sickness, but scientists are still finding more information out to solve this sickness.

What happens during cancer

There are some test they have to run before you can find out you have cancer or not. 1. getting your results. Biopsy: 2-3 days . Complicated biopsy: results can take up to 7-10 days to get your results. 2.All these fall together like having to wait for doctors appt., waiting to have test ran, wait on test results that can take up to weeks. 3. last is when you start to symptoms like a fever, extreme tiredness, or weight loss, plus extra.

most common types of cancer

When people find out they have cancer they start asking a lot of questions like: How long do I have to live?, How did I get this?, Does cancer run in my family?, How long will my cancer treatment take?


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