Congratulations, West Elementary!

A Canvas Campus

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Why a 'Canvas Campus'?

Arlington ISD's Strategic Plan '16-'21 prioritizes strategies focused on dynamic technology integration and blended and online learning opportunities for all students.

Consistent and meaningful implementation of the Canvas learning management system in classrooms across West Elementary will:

  • Increasingly provide students with personalized and '21st century' learning opportunities.
  • Enhance the timeliness & effectiveness of classroom-to-home communication and increase levels of parent/guardian engagement in the learning process.
  • Provide opportunities for online professional learning that is both flexible and actionable.
  • Empower teachers' collaborative work, both within and across grade levels.

West Elementary will be a model for all other campuses in Arlington ISD!

TEACHERS will be empowered to:

  • Utilize the Canvas syllabus as their default website in order to increase the ease and effectiveness of classroom-to-home communication.
  • Utilize Canvas course calendars for the posting of important events, assignments, etc.
  • Utilize Canvas course announcements to communicate expectations and assignments during periods of planned or unexpected teacher absence.
  • Utilize Canvas to provide student access to district-adopted digital textbooks.
  • Utilize Canvas discussion forums in order to provide students with meaningful opportunities for communication and collaboration.
  • Utilize Canvas quizzes as a formative assessment tool and provide intervention and extension pathways in modules.
  • Utilize Canvas and AISD blended learning templates in order to design and deliver blended lessons.


  • Facilitate grade-level and/or course professional learning communities in Canvas.
  • Design & deliver online and/or blended professional learning opportunities in Canvas.**
  • Moderate staff discussions around relevant instructional topics and campus goals.
  • Utilize Canvas to monitor its implementation both at the individual classroom and campus level.

**Requires successful completion of the AISD Online Professional Learning Designer & Instructor Certification Course.

As a Canvas Campus, what SUPPORT will we receive?

Prioritized and dedicated support from Arlington ISD's Instructional Technology Department through:

  • A minimum of 12 hours of on-campus Canvas training & blended learning professional development
  • Exclusive Canvas Challenge course cohort offered solely to campus teachers and staff
  • Access to discipline-aligned and AISD-developed blended learning templates and website templates
  • Access to the 'Canvas Campus' Support & Resources Course
  • Prioritized enrollment of campus admins and instructional coaches in the AISD Online PL Cert. Course
  • ITD facilitation of collaboration and learning between Canvas Campuses, as desired
  • Explanatory information about Canvas co-enrollment, to provided to parents/guardians
  • Parent training once during each semester - possible topics include digital citizenship, Internet safety, and the Observer Role in Canvas
  • Registration for one 'master teacher' per campus to attend a professional learning conference or event (focused on blended learning)

There will be other summer learning opportunities, too!