Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

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Have you ever asked yourself, how can I teach my students how to use the internet?.....Look no more!

In this course you will learn how to teach students how to use technology and the internet responsibly in and outside of the classroom. We will be taking an in depth look at the resource

This PD is open to all grade level teachers. We will be exploring tools that can be used with students K-5 as well as middle and high school students.

What will I learn?

-Understand what digital citizenship is

- Learn how to build digital citizenship within their classrooms

-Explore programs that assist in teaching students digital citizenship

-Understand effects of teaching digital citizenship
Guide to using Netsmartz tutorial

Netsmartz PD

Monday, Sep. 19th, 8am to Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 3pm

50 Roosevelt Avenue

Middletown, NY

Hosted by: Brittany Alderman

I am currently a third grade math teacher who is training to be a technology coach.

I am familiar with using blended classrooms and have used Netsmartz .org with my students. I have seen an improvement in digital citizenship in my classroom and hope you do to after attending this course.