Let's Be A - May - ZING

It's a Booking Frenzy!

Booking is so Simple

Don't over think booking up your calendar this month. Simple 5 minute actions can help you fill up your calendar. Please jump on over and join our Facebook event that will give you incentives, words to say, and fun celebrations while we all book up our calendars! Here is the link to our team event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1419307935055074/

Need some wordig to say?? He is a sample, but get more on our facebook event:


INSTRUCTIONS for the simple way to text THIS out to 10, 20, 30 people.


(Personalize the text with potential hostess name, YOUR website, YOUR dates available, YOUR name) and send with the attached images. You can SAVE the images to your phone by holding down on the image and then selecting "save image". You can copy/paste the words to say by holding down your thumb on the comments section, select copy ALL and then paste in your text message and of course, don't forget to personalize). I send INDIVIDUAL messages to every potential hostess..I do NOT send a group text message.

I've made this SOOO simple for you! Whose with me here
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Hi Laurie - Our Summer Collection (insert link) is here - you’re going to love it! The Zuni Layering Necklace made me think of you and I can't get enough of our NEW wraps and arm parties:)! Would LOVE to spoil YOU with a FREE shopping spree..before the kids are out of school AND help you and your girlfriends get your "summer style on"! Also, let's help your neighbors and friends knock out graduation and teacher gifts! I've got the evenings of Monday, May 11 AND Tuesday, May 12 available. I'll provide the boutique AND you provide a glass of vino for your friends. Pop up shop in your kitchen for an hour and a half or so..what do you say? xo, Tysh Mefferd

Katie Bullen- Associate Director