Don't Turn Around

Michelle Gagnon

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Don't Turn Around is a suspenseful action story in which Noa Torson an orphan, who oddly wakes up on an experiment bed miles away from where she lived. She was like an alien who was abducted frmo its life at peace. She didn't know where she was at but she knew it wasn't a hospital. She had to escape. Noa is a great hacker and she can break into anything that has to do with computers. Her great skills at surviving the real world alone also also helped with her escape. After escaping she didn't know what to do . The same night Peter Gregory another great computer hacker who's family is rich stumbles upon one of his father's files titled AMRF. After searching the internet for it he was pretty sure he'd found the right site. Moments later his front door of his house was kicked in. Men stormed into his house call dressed in black. A man named Mason who apparently knew his parents had threatened Peter and took his computer. Peter had no idea what was going on so after the assault he went to his hacker alliance and asked Rain for help and he would pay in cash for her assistance. Rain is Noa's online name. All Noa had to do was steal the hidden files off the websites and give it to Peter. Noa didn't want to help but she needed money because she was trying to stay on the down low until she figured out what was going on . Their plan to hack the site and brick it succeeded, stealing most of the files on the website. After getting the files Noa skimmed through it finding pictures of people being experimented on. After looking deeper she found her name and other medical information about herself. She also found out that an organization that was trying to find a cure for a disease called PEMA. PEMA was killing many teens all over America. The organization was taking orphans that didn't get adopted and ended on the street and taking them and experimenting on them. The men that broke into Peter's house was coincidently the same organization that experimented on Noa. Peter and Noa teamed up to take this organization down. Why are they hunting Noa? Who is this mysterious organization? Find out when you read "Don't Turn Around" by Michelle Gagnon.

Character Analysis

Noa Torson (aka Rain): A former foster kid who set up a fake foster family and is living on her own. She is self sufficient, tough, and she doesn't trust authority.

Peter Gregory (aka Vallas): His family is rich and he lives in McMansion. His older brother died from PEMA which messed up his relationship with his parents. Peter is a computer hacker who formed an online group called Alliance in which they take down bad people. They're known for doing things like hacking into pedophiles computers and exposing their secrets to the police.

Mason: Mason is in charge of kidnapping test subjects and taking down vigilantes against the organization.

Amanda Berns: Peter's girlfriend who is a freshman at Tuft's University. She volunteers at The Runaway Coalition, a support system for homeless teens. Amanda is very smart and beautiful.


I recommend this book for anyone who likes suspenseful action stories. "Don't Turn Around" is a great book and a great trilogy series. "Don't Turn Around" will have you up all night trying to read this book. I don't know what I would have done if I woke up on an experiment table with no memory of how I got there. Noa automatically knew she wasn't safe and had to escape. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. "Don't Turn Around" also teaches you the fault of our adoption system and many life lessons. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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