TRIED 1914-1918

We as soldiers struggled enormously during the Great War for many reasons, it was one problem or another. A general pattern for us as soldiers was 4 days in the front line, then 4 days in close reserve and 4 days at rest, but this also varied depending on the weather and the availability troops to be able to rotate this way. From the mid-1915 my biggest worry was the gas attacks after the Germans as they set of the first gas bomb at the battle of Ypres. The trenches where I would spend my days got more and more damp as time went by. I began to loose toes due to trench foot and figured out I should be more careful when it came to my body. All these issues led me to get shell shock which no one could understand unless they had it. People thought I was week because I couldn't accomplish as much as others due to the trauma I was facing. It was an extremely difficult time of my life.
Verdun- Shell Shock


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TESTED 1919-1924

When the Great War was over I was emotionally destroyed. I was to tormented to talk about my experiences and it took me a year to get over the trauma of the War. This lead my wife to be the only one supporting the entire family. When I got over the trauma of the War, I realized I was jobless. Getting a job became by biggest priority but I had no luck finding any jobs. There were no jobs available, as many things were shutdown during the War, due to low demand. Things got very stressful as it got harder and harder to support my family. Then the great influenza pandemic hit the world and luckily my family and I survived it, but the stress of getting the flu just made life so much harder.


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Canada went trough an economic boom between 1925-1929. Many job opportunities opened up, allowing me to get a job easily. I began making money easily, Canada as a country was doing well which allowed me to do well also. Another reason why it became really easy for me to find a job was because many people died during the pandemic allowing for many job opportunities to open up. My life felt like it was coming together again, as I could support my family again and was over the trauma of War. I began to value and treasure every moment of my life, as I saw first hand that it can be taken away in one second. My life felt complete again.
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Before the Great War there were mostly men working and supporting their families. When the Great War struck, things changed. Women began to take over jobs men had as they were overseas and were unable to complete these jobs anymore. Men went of to war and many lost their loves whereas other returned injured, or traumatized. Soldiers were put through so much while they were at war, from trench foot, to gas bombs, to even staying up days in a row. When the war was over the soldiers came back home but their were no jobs for them to work as they had been taken over by women or shutdown. Life got hard for many soldiers and their families as their income was very low or even nothing. By the mid-1920's the economic boom hit Canada and many jobs opened up and money became easier to get. Canada became very powerful and gained a lot of respect from other countries for the way they acted throughout the war and post war times. From then to now Canada is not ever scared to do what is right for their country, we will die for our country.


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