What's going on here?

  • Every single day lightning strikes at the same time.
  • There is muck fires that have been going on for as long as anyone can remember.
  • The muck fires make it seem like your house is on fire.
  • Lake Windsor is a man made perfectly round pond.
  • Lake Windsor is home to Koi.
  • There is rain in Tangerine, Florida every day.
  • Paul is kind of blind in a way.
  • Erik is fitting in at his new home easily.
  • Paul is finding it hard to fit in.
  • The lighting strikes cause the muck fires to keep going and they make the fires bigger.

Erik Fisher and Paul Fisher

Erik Fisher is a very different person than Paul. For example, Erik is coming off as the bully he is kind of like an antagonist. He doesn't like his brother Paul at all. Paul is kind of different. He has problems with his eyes and notices things that some people don't. He could be considered the protagonist. They are kind of similar because they both do not like each other, and they are brothers.

Shocking Death from Mike Costello


What Happened???

Mike Costello died just by standing in the wrong place. He was leaning onto the field goal and BAM a lighting strike hit the goal post and he went flying into the air. He fell to the ground and the coaches were giving him CPR and Erik's dad called 911 but they couldn't save him. He was dead before he had even landed on the ground. Mike Costello is dead...


Paul Fisher is almost blind. He is like this because he he looked straight into the Eclipse, and if you look into an eclipse then you can become legally blind.


Erik Fisher fits into his new community very easily. He is a big star football player and has joined the football team and made lots of friends so far.


Mike Costello had a recent passing. His death probably made many people very upset. He died in a horrible way and if he was not leaning on that pole than maybe he wouldn't of died but who knows what would've happened.