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What are Civil Cases?

In all civil cases there is a plaintiff and a defendant. The plaintiff is the one who files the original complaint. In a matter of days after the complaint has been filed the defendant will be notified with a summon, telling them they are being sued. After this stage, pleadings normally occur. Pleadings are formal written statements confirming or denying a parties claims. There then is a pretrial conference in which the two parties come together and define the issues being tried. In some law suit cases mediation takes place, where a mediator comes in and meets which each party, trying to settle the case. in some trials there also might be arbitration where an impartial person make the parties come to an agreement. If all of this fails the two parties will go to court, and have a trial. If there is a preponderance of evidence, meaning the evidence favors one side heavily, the case will normally be very short and the verdict will be given quickly, with little chance for appeal. However if there is no preponderance there is probably a more likely chance for appeal and the verdict will take longer to be given out.

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