The weather from FL

By Ry' Dashia

The weather in the United States

Lots of places has weather. Even weather be in the whole world. there will be pictures of weathers look like. here is one picture. today now is kinda windy but it is 87 degress

Wind, storms, snow,and more

Today right now it looks like its going to rain but we don't know yet. Its sunny and dark clouds. Its windy too like i said. This is a picture of a city with dark clouds and a tornado and double tornado

Hurricanes, tornados, and more

There is a lot of weather out there but we don't know what country or city has hurricanes or tornados. This is a picture of a hurricane and a tornado on this globe

A list for safetey

1. If you have a basement go in there and sit down and put your head down. 2.If you don't have a basement go to the nearest down stairs. 3. no putting your head down in the nearest window. 4 If you in a car hurry to your house.

Ry' Dashia

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 9pm

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Well that pretty much it. bye bye