Upper Dublin in Review...

Legislative Meeting Briefs - August 2019

President's Welcome and Reports to the Board of School Directors

  • President's Welcome - Dr. Levinowitz welcomed everyone and commented on beginning of school year activities.
  • Superintendent's Report - Dr. Yanni presented his monthly Superintendent's Report. Please click here to read Dr. Yanni's full report.

Education Committee (Curriculum, Technology, and Pupil Services) Recommendations

  • Curriculum - The Board approved the following actions: the UDHS British Exchange and professional conferences.
  • Pupil Services - The Board approved a confidential educational agreement and five confidential service agreements.

Operations Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the disposal of excess, obsolete, and non-repairable equipment., and posting a Meyer snow plow for sale via Municibid.
  • Other Approvals - The Board also approved the All Hazards Plan, a cost proposal for additional storm drain work for SRMS, ratified an Extra Work Order for SRMS roadway and access improvements, ratified an agreement for Asbestos Abatement Consulting Services, purchase of a 4WD truck for the grounds department, a contract for District-wide athletic field treatments, and Food Service Meal Prices for 2019-2020.

Finance Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved routines matters such as the review of the treasurer's report and payment of bills.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved a Settlement Stipulation for 200 Dryden Road, the Winter Sports Bid, and payment for the UDHS Post Prom Party venue.

Personnel Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the personnel report, inclusive of appointments, resignations, leaves of absences, changes of status, degree changes, changes of contract status, curriculum leaders, mentors, and extracurricular activities.
  • Other Matters - The Board also approved a substitute nursing services contract.

Policy Committee Recommendations

Policy First Readings - The Board affirmed the following first readings:
  • Maintenance (704)
  • Property Records (706)
  • Integrated Pest Management (716)
  • Employment of Relatives (301.1)
  • Assignment and Transfer (309)
  • Comprehensive Plan (100)
  • Philosophy of Education (101)
  • Academic Standards (102)
  • First repeals of employee policies that will be combined into the 300s.

In Other Business...

  • The Board approved the Superintendent Goals for 2019-2020, the Pennsylvania State Boards Association's Slate of Candidates for the annual election of its officers.
  • The Board also voted to approve the appointment of Dr. Michael Resnick as the new school board member to fill the vacancy.
  • Liaison Committee Reports - Board members provided reports on upcoming meetings.
  • Solicitor's Report - Mr. Diasio provided the Sunshine announcement and notice of updated compulsory school age.

Community Input and Follow-Up Comments

The following topics were discussed by meeting attendees during the second community input period:

  • Tours of the modular classrooms at SRMS
  • Superintendent Goals
  • Test return protocol
  • Appointment of new school board member
  • Taxes
  • SRMS project budget
  • Athletic fields

Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings and District events are included on our calendar. Click here to view the District calendar.