Henry Hudson

The guy who died at sea

Henry Hudsons young life

Henry William Hudson was born in England, in 1556. He died in 1611, he was lost at sea. He became an explorer and he was ordered to work in the waterways. He owned three boats called Hopewell, Half Moon and, Discovery. His son and his crew were both involved. He named a river after himself. He went to find the route to and from India to the Northeast. When he was little his dad owned ships.

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Henry Hudsons explorer life

Henry Hudson tried to find routes from India to the Northeast but did not accomplish it. He explored this area in 1607 is when he left.The Indians were different from He cause they spoke Indian talk and he spoke with a British accent.Indians occupied this land before He and his crew came and there were tribes. He was exploring this region so that he could help find a way from India to the Northeast. Henry Hudson hoped to find a way to the northeast from India so that boats could travel and no where they were going. They wanted him to explore the route.

When He Died

Hudson explored a river now called Hudson river. There was a major discovery because he discovered Hudson river and the route from Asia to the Northeast. It helped sailors because they needed to see what other people would have to take the route but there was no route found. There was an increase in science because he discovered Hudson river. Henry Hudson went there found the route and then died.

Intresting Facts

Henry Hudson chauffeured for 24 hours a day.When Henry Hudson went to try to find the route it was winter. Henry Hudson's Crew and him thought the ice we're going to melt. Before he left he had to get all goods. The British depended on the chinese to get them spices and Medications. They got soap from china to take on the trip. Henry Hudson never explored big Expeditions.They only had 1 ship and 11 people were on it.When they hit the north of greenland it made them go EAST.

Henry Hudson - Mini Biography
Henry Hudson